Review: Six Side Die wants to F you up

Six Side Die Review

Bryan Crouch- Vocals
Anthony Xander- Lead Guitar
Pat Kavanagh- Bass/Vocals
Kelly Voelkel- Drums


In this day and age of over-produced pop rock music, Six Side Die has broken the mould with their debut album “That F’N Album”: adrenaline-soaked, with face smashing drums and intricate guitar solos. Bryan Crouch (ex-Hail the Villain frontman) is back with a vengeance and taking no mercy with his shattering screams and hauntingly melodic angry vocals.

This album has something for everyone: brilliant riffs, amazing catchy choruses, heavy breakdowns, and in the midst of all this they still manage to slow it down and take you on a whole different journey with tracks like “Fools in Hyperspace”.

Six Side Die put nothing but raw emotion and talent into their music and it’s clear their fans are in agreement that “That F’N Album” rocks!

With absolutely no help from labels or radio stations Six Side Die hit top 20 on the iTunes charts within the first 24 Hours of “That F’n Album”s release.  Due to the overwhelming love and positive response generated by the release of “That F’N Album” ,  Six Side Die has decided to reward the fans with even more new music.

Six Side Die is currently working hard in the studio recording “Those F’n B Sides”.

I had the privilege of seeing them play The Mustache Club in Oshawa over the weekend.  It was, to say the least, equal parts ear-shattering goodness and brutal energy.  So much talent pours off each member, and you can see the passion and perfection in what each of the them bring to the table. It was, in my opinion, an utterly flawless set.  Crouch is skilled in the art of engaging his crowd and pulling them into his dark, crazy world .  The energy that oozed off the stage was felt by all, almost like a drug that left you wanting more. Six Side Die has just begun the revolution of bringing real rock back into the music industry . I, for one, can not wait to hear and see more. Music as it should be: raw, unforgiving, and loud.

Interview with Six Side Die Coming Soon!

six side die


Show photos by me

Full length video of Six Side Die set @ The Moustache Club by : Ditch Class Visuals



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