An Open Letter To Ted Nugent

Let me start this thing by saying that I am a fan of Ted Nugent’s music and his playing. He is undeniably a great guitar player and has written some extremely classic songs like “Cat Scratch Fever” and “Stranglehold” just to name a couple. Ted is also a gun fanatic. And though I really don’t like killing or guns, that’s his choice. Fine. But, I will not tolerate racism and every time this guy opens his mouth it seems, that’s all that comes out. Ted, I’ve defended you in the past, but you’ve just gone too far this time.


This week, Ted called Native Americans “unclean vermin” who “don’t qualify as people” for cancelling his concert at an Idaho Casino for his past racist comments and views. This, of course, led to many other show cancellations. Because, when you’re a fucking has been, casinos are the only place you can play. And who runs ALL casinos? Natives, that’s who.

Ted: go fuck yourself, you piece of shit. Who the fuck are you to call a group of people, whom I might add FOUNDED the country you live in, such hateful and disgusting things? Do you not realize that they were murdered off by gun-crazed maniacs like you hundreds of years ago? Do you have no sympathy for people? Do you have a soul? Are you so full of your own shit that you actually believe you’d get away with something like that? And we’re not even talking about your past remarks about black people, gays and President Obama.


Now Ted, like I said in the opening of the article I am a fan of your music. I think that fucking guitar solo on “Stranglehold” is one of the greatest ever recorded. I even saw you in concert once when i was in grade 7 when you opened for KISS in Toronto. But for fuck sakes, didn’t you learn that the year is 2014 yet? This racist shit just doesn’t work anymore. Have some fucking respect you asshole – you know, you’re the guy who comes out in a Native headdress riding a buffalo and shooting a bow and arrow singing “Great White Buffalo”. You can’t be both Ted. Are you the cowboy, or are you the Indian? I suspect the first one. If Natives are such vermin then I guess you’ll have to stop wearing your headdress, and stop riding a buffalo, and put down that bow and arrow. And “Great White Buffalo”? I guess that’s permanently cut from the set list now. I’m disappointed in you, Ted. I have unliked you on Facebook, and will never mention your name again to anyone after this article. You need help. Please seek it.

Signed, someone who used to be your fan.

“I’m Beginning To Wonder If It Would Have Been Best Had The South Won The Civil War.”
-Ted Nugent

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