LISTEN TO: Anxiety Attack Recordings Summer 2013 Comp

It just isn’t summer without a soundtrack, and this years is a reminder of my punk rock youth and the compilations that would blast out of the beat up station wagon my friends and I would cruise around town in. Anxiety Attack Recordings has just released a Summer 2013 compilation featuring new and unreleased songs from some of Toronto’s finest bands including Maximum RNR, Saint Alvia, Brutal Youth, Sinkin’ Ships, School Damage and more. With 26 tunes to fill your ears, it’s perfect for the commute to work or blasting out of the ol’ wagon on your way to the beach.

You can download the compilation for the punk friendly price of free (though organizer, Cactus is accepting donations to help cover costs) so make sure to support some of these bands as they play gigs throughout the summer.

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