Exclusive Interview with We Were Hunted

We Were Hunted is a brand spanking new rock band out of Glasgow, Scotland. I stumbled over these guys over a mutal friend on Instagram of all places. This band has quickly become one of my favorite new up and coming bands to listen to. I had the privilege of chatting with Iain Alexander about this brand new band and whats to come.

We Were Hunted is Ryan J Muir (vocals/bass), Benjamin Kay (guitar/backing vocals), David Upward (guitar) and myself, Iain Alexander (drums).

I had been talking to one of you the day of the video release and it was stated that “We were hunting” is a brand new band, how brand new and where did you all meet?

The rest of the band were already together before I joined. Ryan and Dave had a band together with other members for several years then introduced Ben and formed a band called “The Goodyear”. A few months ago they disbanded and decided to form “We Were Hunted” but were on the lookout for a suitable drummer for some time. Eventually i was introduced through a friend of the band and vóila! We’ve now been together around 2 and a half months at the time of writing.

“You know know me now” was the first song and video released , why did you chose this particular track and what does it mean to you?

Iain: The reason we released “You Know Me Now” first is that, with your first single, you really have to give people an idea of what you’re all about and we felt that this song did that. We want to get across a sound that is powerful and emotive as well as having those hooks that won’t leave your head for days (or at least that’s what we aim for!). As for the meaning of the song, Ryan likes to keep the meanings behind his lyrics a closely guarded secret but i don’t think you’d struggle too much to get a rough idea of what the song is all about from taking a look at the lyrics.

 The video hit 5000 views in the matter of a few weeks, how does that make you feel?

We were completely overwhelmed by the amount of attention we received within the first couple of weeks of posting our debut video on YouTube and it was quite humbling to have friends and family you haven’t seen in ages dropping you texts saying things like “wow, I didn’t realize your band were actually good! Well done!” haha. However, we’ve never really been ones to think too much about numbers of YouTube views or Facebook likes etc as we’d much prefer the music to speak for itself. There are so many super talented bands out there that have fallen by the wayside because they haven’t had the correct marketing and promotion or haven’t fitted in with a particular trend that happened to be taking off at that particular moment and it’s really disheartening to witness. On the flip side, there are definitely bands out there who focus too much on how much interest they’re getting online whilst neglecting the most important part of all, the music. The bands we grew up listening to and being inspired by didn’t worry about how many Facebook likes or twitter followers they had and they turned out alright!


As with most bands, we have a wide range of influences but every one of us most definitely grew up in the “pop punk era”, going to see bands like Blink 182 and Jimmy Eat World etc and often have moments at practice where one of us says “do you remember (insert obscure pop punk band’s name here)? I saw them at (insert venue name) in 2006”, only for it to emerge that we had in fact all been at the show, which then turns into an hour long nostalgic conversation about our teenage years. We’ve grown up a bit since then though and find inspiration in everything from electronic music right through to And So I Watch You From Afar or Two Door Cinema Club. Our musical horizons are fairly broad and between the 4 of us we pretty much have all the bases covered! We’ve also been inspired a lot by watching amazing local bands like Fatherson, Prides, Twin Atlantic and Chvrches taking off so much. It gives you the belief that perhaps one day you can follow in their footsteps.

 When can we expect more music ?

“You Know Me Now” is out now on iTunes, Spotify and most digital retailers. We’re currently recording our new single, which should be out sometime in November.


Check out the video for our debut single “You Know Me Now”, featuring Chris John Millington, Ross Leighton and Jenna Heather Wiseman and their newly posted song “On the Other Side”.

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