The Essential Musician’s First Aid Kit

Whether you’re in a band or you’re a solo artist, one thing is for certain: there are many different tools needed to be a musician. It doesn’t matter if you’re a a drummer, guitarist or piano player, there are certain items you’re only going to need occasionally, but it’s important to have them on hand at all times. This list is designed to give you a roadmap of these vital supplies. So don’t be a lazy cheap ass – get this shit, throw it in a bag and leave it in your trunk. It could potentially save your gig sometime.

Duct Tape

Duct tape is the MOST IMPORTANT THING to carry with you at all times. It has many uses on the fly including fixing holes in the kick drum, faulty mic stands, fixing guitar strap pegs that fall out, broken sticks, securing cables to the floor, etc…


korg-ca-30 Literally the most important piece of equipment a guitarist owns.  (ed. note: this is totally true. If you’re not using a tuner, you’re a fucking amateur. -A)

Guitar Cables

Guitar cable-630-80 Cables break and go missing. It’s ALWAYS good to have an extra.

Strings and Sticks

 You literally can’t play without these things.

GPS System


 This will save your life and possibly even get you places on time. When you’re in a city you don’t know very well this alleviates A LOT of pressure. If I didn’t have this thing I’d still be in the middle of Quebec somewhere.

CAA Membership

It costs money to join CAA, but it’s well worth it if you need a tow off the side of the highway in the middle of nowhere. TRUST ME. I’ve been at the side of the highway with a flat tire hours away from our destination. I also locked my keys in the car once. They are helpful.

Extension Cord
extension chord
“But it doesn’t reach the outlet” Is really not something you want to have to say when showing up to some random gig in Kenosha, Wisconsin.

 You ever show up to a place that had a PA system but no microphones and forgot to mention that? I have.

Power Bar

power bar“But there’s only one outlet…”


Various items like pedals, tuners and even some guitars themselves require batteries. Whatever you use, always have extra batteries on hand.

So there you go – you’ve been warned. Many of these items are available at the dollar store so it really shouldn’t cost that much. A good GPS is expensive, but well worth the investment. The guitar and cable will run you approx $30, and the CAA membership is around $10 per month. So you’re looking at about $50 or less minus the GPS and CAA. I have learned from experience you can never have too many of these things on hand. I have also learned that musicians are extrmely forgetful, so why not leave a kit like this in the car?

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