Classic Punk Gets Lego Makeover

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There are many enjoyable things in this world, and two of them are PUNK ROCK and Lego. With the recent release of the Lego Movie and video games, Lego is more popular than ever. The people at It’s Not Beginnings have done something awesome – they have brought to life three punk classics using Lego and stop-start animation to recreate three great video for the Sex Pistols, the Damned and Motörhead- even going as far as to create the scenery and amplifiers! These are totally cool, and definitely embody the spirit of punk rock.

1. Motörhead – Ace of Spades

Fact: In 1986, an article by Scott Cohen was published in the February issue of Spin Magazine entitled “Motörhead is the Loudest Band on Earth”. In this article, Cohen mentions an undated concert in which the Clevland Variety Theater was damaged when the band Motörhead reached a reported decibel level of 130. Cohen reported this was 10 decibels louder than the record set by The Who.


2. The Damned – New Rose

Fact: The Damned were the first punk rock band from the United Kingdom to release a single, entitled “New Rose”, an album, entitled “Damned Damned Damned”, to have a record on the UK music charts, and to tour the United States.

3. The Sex Pistols – God Save the Queen

Fact: “God Save the Queen” reached number one on the NME charts in the United Kingdom, but only made it to number two on the official UK Singles Chart as used by the BBC. This led to accusations by some that the charts had been “fixed” to prevent the song from reaching number one.


So there you have it – some of your punk favourites re-created in Lego form! Be sure to check out It’s Not Beginnings youtube page at for some other cool things they’ve put together 🙂

  • Jay Johnson

    Ummm…in what fucking universe is Motorhead considered punk? Fucking clueless.

    • Baconcheese burger

      They are punk, metal and hard rock.

    • Joe

      Here you go Jay… The Damned and Motorhead together 1979:

      Thanks for defining music for all of us. “Fucking Clueless” DUURRRRRR

    • Tomi Pesonen

      The universe where it actually makes sense? It’s not as snotty as many bands but it’s more simplistic and raw than many hard rock bands and certainly too raw to be metal.

      • Matthias Wadlinger

        Imma just quote Lemmy here: “We are Motörhead and we play Rock’n’Roll!”

      • Jack Johnson

        I would say Motorhead is mainly a Hard Rock band (like Zeppelin or AC/DC) with punk influences; and a band that has influenced a lot of metal bands. And Lemmy is a great bass player, which doesn´t fit so much with punk bands xD

    • angrymetalguy

      Motorhead’s music was always deeply embraced by punks. Lemmy is a big fan of punk and has oftern said that Motorhead has more in common with punk than metal. I consider Motorhead metal, but motorhead is loved by both genres.

    • angrymetalguy

      Here is a universe for you

    • misfit138

      Within the punk scene; presumably you’ve been to a Motorhead gig? Did you not notice the punk presence? Why do you think they toured with UK SUBS? Because Motorhead are Punk as fuck – that’s why! -:)

    • Jeff Kristof

      I’m going to have to jump in on this one….. I have to agree with Jay. They are not punk. They might have been embraced by the punk scene, but they are not punk. There is a difference.

  • Guest

    Motorhead is a mainly a Hard Rock band (like Zeppelin or AC/DC) with punk influences; and a band that has influenced a lot of metal bands.

  • Richard Sabatino

    Motorhead influenced everybody in case you people dont know or understand. every motorhead show i went to in new yorjk city there were more punks and skins there than actual metalheads back in the late 80s early 90s. metalheads really caught on to the motorhead band wagon after the 90s and later.

    • Jack Johnson

      Thrash scene don´t agree.