Centerpiece cheap with delicious pumpkin, how? –

Centerpiece cheap with delicious pumpkin, how?

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How to create a centerpiece cheap and original at once? You are concocting your fall decor and you want to adorn the dining table adorned with a decorative fall color? And if you choose a centerpiece that reflects the spirit of Halloween? Nothing like a nice tasty pumpkin along with pinecones, acorns and twigs. Because succulents and small pumpkins seize our interior with the arrival of autumn, we should create an autumn decor with plant spirit. Take inspiration from our tutorial and turn the pumpkin into a beautiful succulent plant that will, in turn, as a centerpiece entirely original.

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A cheap table center that honors the same time succulents and one of the great missed the Halloween party. Here the decor you need to dress your dining table. A beautiful plant pumpkin dress with style your dining table, coffee table and even your garden. Yes, pumpkins are everywhere, but how to use them to pimp our decor? Playing with their warm colors and decor strengths? We dig them, are filled with a composition of succulents and voila! Read the following and do not wait long to stage your pretty succulent.

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Want to celebrate the arrival of autumn with a cheap center table? When we speak of mind centerpiece autumnal, also referred to as succulents decorated pumpkin. Admit it, it's the greatest gift you can offer to celebrate the arrival of October. Before you get to work, first please find out what you need to begin the metamorphosis of one of your pumpkins. Nothing is easier than to purchase the following equipment:

  • pumpkin
  • spray glue / adhesive spray
  • foam
  • glue
  • hot glue gun
  • succulents

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To achieve this central cheap and original table, you must first purchase a pumpkin able to accommodate all a composition of succulent plants and moss. Start by creating a foam pad using the spray specially designed for this purpose. Spray a spray layer on top of the pumpkin and place the foam before it dries. Tamp well so as to create a layer about 3 cm thick.

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Cheap centerpiece is almost done! Now take your plants and group them together to form an aesthetic composition. Place the larger succulents in the center of the composition. Use glue to attach the seeds on the foam. Start at the center advancing slowly towards the edges. This is the time to serve you the hot glue gun to better secure the selected items.

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Once you have asked the central elements, you can take care of the rest of your cheap centerpiece. It'll just embellish it with the remaining succulents. Place them around the center, taking care to position them vertically. Well, cheap centerpiece is ready to sit on a piece of furniture of your choice.

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Before leaving, we want to give you some tips on "maintenance" of cheap centerpiece. If you choose to install it on the table of your dining outdoors, remember that the succulent pumpkin does not support excessive heat. Therefore, avoid exposing it to direct contact with sunlight. Ditto for the cold, rain and frost. To prevent root rot, spray the plants once a week. Thus, the foam will be dampened as the roots in the process of development. Take care of your delicious pumpkin as if you take care of your house plants. Remember that it needs, above all, a healthy environment and a place protected from the weather vagaries. Finally, your fall composition will probably highlight a beautiful deco red berries, tree leaves and pine cones.

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