ergonomic furniture: maximum comfort you tried? –

ergonomic furniture: maximum comfort you tried?

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Ergonomics is fundamental to adaptation of people at work they perform. It is the process of design or layout of the workplace, products and different systems, so that they are comfortable with the people who benefit. The ergonomics specialists use the data and techniques of several disciplines. Anthropometry, they use the data concerning the extent of the dimensional characteristics of a man - size, body shape, etc. Their attention is focused on the biomechanical changes - muscles, resistance to environmental influences - noise, light, heat, cold, radiation. They take into account the reactions of the body systems - hearing, sight, feeling. Applied psychology enables them to scrutinize skills, learning, mistakes. According to social psychology, they treat groups, communication, training, behavior. Deavita invite you to consider a photo gallery with furniture design ergonomic. Contemplate good selection and then choose what tempts you the most!

ergonomic furniture for the office

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The ergonomic specialists should be aware, possess the ability to listen carefully and advise the people who will use a given product or being developed or modified system. They work on a different interface, where the user is in contact with the product or system - physically, mentally or otherwise.
The goal of these specialists is to develop a practical operating system, secure, taking into account the human factor and design data. This means take into account the specific needs of individuals and constraints established during the design process - body size, strength, speed, sensory abilities such as sight, hearing, etc.

Bed with ergonomic design

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What ergonomics indeed? Ergonomics, or the human factor, as it is known in North America, is a branch of science that seeks to better understand the capabilities and human limits to apply later this knowledge and improve interaction people with products, systems and the environment.

ergonomic mattresses to sleep in comfort

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We spend about a third of your life in bed The design of some mattresses, not providing adequate support to the body, may cause muscle aches and pains in the back. What are the characteristics of a comfortable mattress? Does it matter if it is too firm or too soft? Is it important to know if orthopedic?

Which mattress to choose?

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The mattress should be able to:
• Maintain the natural curves of the spine when lying down;
• Distribute the pressure, so to help blood circulation, reduce body movements and improve sleep quality;
• Prevent movement of one partner hinder the other.
• It must have reinforced edges
The pillow
Choose a pillow that is in harmony with the mattress or complete. The pillow should be:
• designed to maintain the natural curve of the spine;
• Maximum comfort for the user;
• Very soft to match different lines and shapes of the user sleep positions;
• Suitable for different sleeping positions - on the side, the back, stomach;
• Hypoallergenic
What is an ergonomic chair?
Find an ergonomic chair is a problem for those wishing to renew or equip their workplace to make it safer and more comfortable. There are several models of chairs bearing the "ergonomic" label, but this is not enough to make the right choice. The chair is actually ergonomically if it is adapted to the person's height in the workplace and its activities.
Why must find a suitable chair?
Today, many of the people sit during most of the time. We sat having breakfast, going to work, in the car or bus, at school, during meetings, office, home and so on.
This position requires physical exertion less important than when standing or when walking and therefore causes great tension in the lumbar region. This, combined with a sedentary lifestyle can lead to many serious health problems.
What you need to know choosing an ergonomic chair?
The selection of a suitable chair is a critical step in preventing health problems for people working in a sitting position. The ergonomic approach consider it as a specific activity that is closely related to how the sitter interacts with its working environment.

Work in the comfort of your l`aide to ergonomic furniture

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Some basic principles that should be considered:
• There is no universal chair, perfectly suited to everyone. The morphology of the user's body is the factor to be taken into account by choosing. The optimum height of the chair is about a quarter of the man's height;
• For the different types of activities, choose well suitable chairs;
• Think about the cost of maintenance and repair.
What are the characteristics of a comfortable chair?

Comfort even for small family members

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• The perfect office chair should be adjustable, deep and stable
• Think of the adjustment mechanisms;
• tilt mechanism required to be able to tilt your chair in a relaxed position. You also have a fixed angle between the seat and back, in this way your body is constantly sitting on the seat.
• In addition to your comfort and well-being, your chair should allow you to perform well in your job.
Who should choose a chair?
Personal preferences are the most important when choosing a chair. After choosing some suitable chairs, let the person who will use the chair to try it in their work environment. Before making your final choice, make sure that the chairs meet your needs.

ergonomic furniture for the conference room

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Chair with footrest blue!

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Can the chair solve all ergonomic problems of working in a sitting position?
A well-designed chair allows the user to sit in a balanced position. As of today there are several different styles, we are able to provide comfortable positions, avoiding as much as possible health risks.
The refined design of ergonomic chairs transforms, and more decorative element in all workplaces.

L`idée d`y sitting tempting?

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Comfort for mothers!

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