10 Questions With: Anthony Bleed of Die Mannequin

Die Mannequin are a great band out of Toronto who have gained major success and recognition, playing with top bands including Alice Cooper, Marilyn Manson and Guns N’ Roses, and having many internationally recognized singles. Thanks to singer Care Failure’s powerful tunes and stage persona as well as bassist Anthony Bleed’s powerful bottom end, the band has had major success throughout Canada as well as in Europe. With a new album done and ready to be released this fall, as well as new solo material from Anthony under the name “tonyswar”, I thought it would be a perfect time to catch up with Anthony.



Photo by Jon Blacker

1. What triggered you to become a musician, and who were some of your early musical influences?

i’d say the other part of this question answers the first part…my earliest influences made me immediately start a band in my bedroom when i was about 6 (with my lil sis as my only other member, haha)..those influences were David Bowie and Billy Idol..and thx to our older brothers, Iron Maiden..pretty cool mix!

2. What was the worst 9-5 job you ever had and why was it so bad?

worst 9-5 was telemarketing, selling carpet cleaning services..ouch..later, tried hawking tickets to a rodeo, for “charity”, which sucked just as bad, as everyone hates being bothered by those fuckers…being fun!

3. What was the best gig you ever played and why was it so great?

best gig i played was a whole damn tour, in 2007, with DM, opening for Deftones…one of my fave bands ever, and they treated us with such hospitality/friendliness, was a dream come true, watching them every nite from the stage, then chilling afterwards…did some daytrips with em too, crossing Canada, as they had a couple kids on the tour…fun times..

 4. What was the worst gig you ever played ad why was it so shitty?

worst gig was a whole tour as well…with Danko Jones, in Europe…it was just a disas-tour, being pulled over/searched by cops nearly every day (unheard of according to other bands), then over half of the shows being ruined by tech troubles, amps blowing, etc…the fact that Danko and his band bitched us out for being ‘unprofessional’ and going on 102.1 and saying the same shit just left a bitter taste too…all bands have tough nites/tours…bite it, losers.

5. What was the best live concert you ever saw and why was it so great?

best show ever was Pantera on the Great Southern Trendkill tour…my fave album of theirs, and the loudest show i’ve ever been to–amazing–Dime, Phil, Rex, Vinnie? can’t go wrong…met em all after too, and Phil being a personal hero, was the coolest thing ever.

6. What was the worst live concert you ever saw and why was it so terrible?

worst show ever was another tour!…every nite (only about 4 or 5) with Buck Cherry…huge dicks, pompous, arrogant–and with zero reason–and i hate their shit poseur RnR music, so ya, that sucked…some may like em, fine, just my personal opinion…

7. If you weren’t doing music what would you be doing?

i’d be doing social work, likely with addicts and underprivileged youth…went to college for it, spent some time in the field before bands got busy…is my other passion…

 8. Goodfellas or Casino?

oh shit, Goodfellas! one of the finest flicks ever, i’d say..Casino is up there, but ya…nice question…

 9. In your opinion what is the greatest song ever recorded and why?

oh wow…dunno if i could narrow that down to one..a constant that i’ve always gone with, though, is Blue Oyster Cults “Don’t Fear the Reaper”…just melodically so solid, lyrically amazing, and structurally, a cool damn ride…when it breaks down, and kicks back in with that ‘bam, bam, bam bambambam’, and the solo!? shit….the finest…but there’s a few others, thats fo sho…too many to go into..

10. What is your advice to young musicians?

advice for young musicians?…i’d say if you naturally wanna spend all yr time practicing, getting better, working on yer music, cool, u got the bug…if u don’t feel that urge, then cool, it’s a fun hobby, but it’s all or nothing if u wanna go anywhere with it…hook up with others that are as passionate as you, and don’t settle for the lazy ones…and lastly, if you’re writing, which you should be, don’t be afraid to say whatever it is you feel needs to be said…don’t edit yourself out of fear of exposing your feelings..real feelings/passion are what will attract others to your stuff..very lastly, have fun..if it’s no fun, fuck it..



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